Proactive Behavior Management (PBM) Plan:

  1. The teacher and students will mutually agree upon classroom rules at the beginning of the school year that are compliant with the context contained within the school disciplinary guidelines. Students and parents will sign a written contract stating their agreement to the class rules and procedures; these contracts will be collected and filed by the teacher. Both the rules and the consequences for breaking the rules will be posted in the classroom for student reference.
  2. The teacher will arrange the classroom furniture to promote the instructional and organizational needs of the students. Seating charts will be designed with productivity and participation in mind.
  3. The teacher will monitor classroom behavior and help guide grouping selections based upon personalities and academic inclination. In this way disruptions will be kept to a minimum and productivity will be encouraged. Students who find themselves engaged in off-topic sidebar conversations will be separated and rearranged to promote on-task participation. The student with ADHD will be cued for attention as necessary.
  4. To encourage participation from all students, the teacher will utilize calling sticks in order to facilitate even distribution of questions and opportunities to contribute.
  5. The teacher will institute a reward competition contest across all classes. Students who exhibit desired behaviors (volunteering to answer, assisting classmates, being prepared, arriving punctually, performing well on assessments, etc.) will receive a bean to place into the class jar. At the end of the marking period, the class with the most beans will receive the highest award (movie day with pizza) while the subsequent classes will receive slightly lower rewards (movie, no pizza), followed by snacks during class work time, and ending with “homework free” passes to be used on selected assignments.